Why Won’t Doctors Admit to Colloidal Silver Usage?

Over the past 16 years, Steve Barwick of TheSilverEdge.com has spoken at length with literally thousands of experienced colloidal silver users, as part of his research for writing and updating his 547-page book, The Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual.

Most of these conversations have been with typical users of nutritional supplements and believers in natural health and nutrition.
But many dozens of these conversations over the years have also been with medical doctors, nurses, dentists, and other orthodox medical practitioners who actually do use colloidal silver extensively
What's amazing is that almost to a person, when I ask these medical practitioners about the extent of their colloidal silver usage, they not only turn out to be avid users, but in most cases they are ecstatic about their results.
“Do You Use Colloidal Silver On Your Patients?”
But when asked "Do you use colloidal silver on your patients, or recommend it to them?" their answer is almost inevitably an emphatic, "No…I couldn't do that!" When asked why, they say, "I wouldn't want to get in trouble with the medical board" or "That could jeopardize my medical license."
In other words, they'll use colloidal silver themselves, in place of prescription antibiotic drugs. And most of them that Steve has spoken with have no qualms about giving colloidal silver to their family members.
But they won't use it on their patients or even recommend its usage, out of an ingrained fear of the medical bureaucrats.
Big Pharma’s Coming Silver-Based Drugs
Hopefully, the news stories coming out about Big Pharma now developing silver-based drugs will change all of that for the better.

Maybe when medical practitioners see that Big Pharma is capitalizing on silver’s well-known infection-fighting powers, they’ll be more outspoken about their usage of colloidal silver.
Maybe they’ll even start recommending it to their patients!
Hypocrisy and Conspiracy
But I wouldn’t count much on it, since the medical bureaucrats in the FDA and in other similar government agencies worldwide are still at war with colloidal silver.
And why are the medical bureaucrats so fired up against colloidal silver, when the medical community itself is developing new silver-based drugs?
It’s because these over-bearing governmental organizations – which were originally set up to protect the public from medical fraud — are now nothing more than the enforcement arm of Big Pharma, working to make sure drugs are the only healing modalities the public is allowed.
As such, they’re working to clear the way for Big Pharma’s upcoming silver-based anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal drugs by eliminating the one and only rival to these drugs: colloidal silver.
No Competition Allowed
Big Pharma simply doesn’t want the competition from safe, natural over-the-counter products like colloidal silver.
And the medical bureaucrats are happy to oblige them by waging warfare on colloidal silver.
The world is being drawn deeper and deeper into a corporate takeover by global Big Pharma. Soon, the only way you’ll be able to heal yourself is through your local doctor. And they’ll be under the control of your health insurance company.
And you can rest assured, your local doctor won’t be offering you safe, simple, all-natural colloidal silver to cure a potentially deadly infection. Instead, he’ll be offering you a freakish silver-based Franken-drug like this one.


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